India Holi 2014: 5 Places Where You Should Spend the Festival of Holi

Happy Holi 2014: 5 Places Where You Should Spend the Festival of Holi

This article has been penned to give the readers a brief about the top places to go for celebrating the festival of Holi. So, if you aspire to get the experience of a lifetime, then try to be at one of these recommended places.

Holi festival of India is not just any ordinary festival. It is associated with fun, thrill, romance and every kind of emotion which you can conceive of. There is the religious intonation too and the level of enthusiasm often reaches to unfathomable heights. Yes, there are certain undesirable cases of eve-teasing, gambling and drinking as well. Yet, they add more flavors to Holi and have become a part and parcel of the festival.

If you are looking forward to Happy Holi 2014, then mark your calendar and plan a vacation at one of these places:

i. Mathura and Vrindavan: Mathura and Vrindavan (two neighboring villages) are the best places to celebrate the festival of Holi. These are the towns which witnessed the birth and the adolescent years of Lord Krishna. These places have numerous temples and attractions which tell the tale of Krishna and are testimonies of his innocuous romances and myriad childhood mischief. The villagers celebrate Holi with full force and for over a month. It is also at these villages that you will get to know about the significance of several trivial events and rituals. Besides, the folk dances, the folk music and the sumptuous meals will make you remember these days for the rest of your life.

ii. Shantiniketan: Shantiniketan is a town which is nestled in the state of West Bengal. It was during the active years of poet Rabindranath Tagore that Holi began to be celebrated with intense fanfare over these areas. Known as Vasant Utsav, here the traditional flavor is distinctly Bengali. It is true that the Holi festival of India has several hues. At Shantiniketan, you just get to see one of them- cultural, orthodox and impactful.

iii. Banswara: Banswara is a small town in the state of Rajasthan. Here, the locals are very simple and mostly uneducated or semi-educated. There is a distinct tribal flavor to the festivity in this region. The Gair dance is a ritual which is inherent to Banswara. The dance performances, the costumes and the folk songs will make you nostalgic and give you an adrenaline rush.

iv. Jaipur: Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is another preferred destination for celebrating Holi. A number of fairs and events are held throughout the month of March and the season witnesses a huge influx of tourists. Elephant is one of the royal animals of the state. Jaipur makes sure that the tourists get an adequate dose of elephants at the numerous contests, events and fairs which are held. Elephants are adorned with jewels, clothes and colors and made to participate in events like tug-of-war.

v. Delhi: In Delhi, you will witness a very 21st century Holi. The city is a modern metro and the young boys and girls do not mind a bit of playful banter. Yet, Delhi holds on to the traditions, and the ‘gulaal’ and ‘bhaang’ coalesce with ‘disco dandiya’ in a brilliant way. You can also plan your India Holi 2014 in this city.


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